FAQ Arctic Nutrition

Q) Who is Arctic Nutrition (AN)?

A) Arctic Nutrition was founded by professionals with many years’ experience in the fish oil, krill oil, and nutritional oil businesses. The driving force behind the company is the desire to address the fast growing third generation Omega-3 product segment: Marine Omega-3 Phospholipid, with products high in phospholipid bounded Omega-3. AN’s products are promoted under the brand name Romega®.


Q) What is AN’s primary goal or mission?

A) To improve human health via consumption of Romega®.


Q) What are AN and Romega®’s key values?

A) • Science based • Sustainable • Quality • Premium value


Q) What are AN’s products?

A) AN produces a series of refined products:
• Romega® oils with different concentrations of phospholipids and Omega-3s
• Romega® powders; high potency, complete protein derived exclusively from herring caviar
• Romega® emulsions; high potency and sweet tasting emulsion containing Romega® oils


Q) Has AN conducted scientific studies on their products to prove their value?

A) Clinical studies are referenced under the Romega® menu, read more here.


Q) Where and when can I buy AN’s products?

A) Please click here to reach an AN representative.


Q) Who are AN’s customers?

A) Companies that are active in markets for nutritional supplements, cosmeceuticals, infant nutrition formulations, food and medical foods, as well as pharmaceuticals.


Q) Will AN attend trade shows or scientific meetings?

A) AN will attend the major tradeshows both in Europe, USA, and Asia, read more here.