The Arctic Team


Hogne Hallaråker, CEO

Mr. Hallaråker is the founder and developer of Arctic Nutrition´s business concept. He has more than 15 years of experience in nutraceutical and biomarine industries. He holds an extended Ms Sc. degree in Marine Biology and Aquaculture from the University of Bergen. Former positions include CEO Natural Nutrition Development, VP R&D Aker Biomarine, Sales Director Natural ASA and assistant Professor, Volda College.


Vibecke Parr, CMO

Mrs. Parr is a seasoned sales and marketing executive with experience both from medical healthcare and private health food companies. She has also worked as an executive advisor and administrator specializing in corporate healthcare and in parallel developed a successful direct sales DS business. Mrs. Parr is a trained physical therapist from Lehrakademie für Physiotherapie PT, Berlin, Germany. Former positions include Physical Therapist, Norwegian Health Care and EVP/CEO Medi-3.
Contact: E: P: +47 974 30 633


Marius Nystøl, Sales and Marketing Manager

Mr. Nystøl is an enthusiastic Sales and Marketing Manager with experience from both national and international health food companies. In Arctic Nutrition he started with responsibility for sales in the Norwegian market and is now one of our international sales resources. Mr. Nystøl has a background from The Norwegian University of Technology and Science.  Contact: E:  P: +47 414 30 298 


Per Christian Sæbø, COO

Mr. Sæbø has almost 20 years of experience from manufacturing management and process development, including concept architecture, concept testing and verification, upscaling and operationalization. Mr. Sæbø holds an Ms Sc. degree in chemistry from the University of Trondheim. He has formerly been responsible for developing Tonalin/ CLA and numerous other lipid products. Before joining Arctic Nutrition Mr. Sæbø was manager of the EPAX, Hovdebygda site and Lipid Development Director in Natural ASA.


Daniele Mancinelli, CTO

Mr. Mancinelli has extensive experience in the field of research and development. In particular he has for almost 10 years, focused on process development marine omega-3 fatty acids, including MOPL™s. His experience span; concept architecture, concept testing and verification, up-scaling and operationalization as well as process optimization. Mr. Mancinelli holds an MS in Chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies. Prior positions include 2 years as a scientist in the field of molecular biology, development of a clonation vector useful for industrial recombinant protein production at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway, research Manager at EPAX Hovdebygda AS and Aker Biomarine ASA.


Sigrun Lindhom Knardal, QA and Regulatory Manager

Mrs. Knardal has more than 15 years of experience in quality assurance of marine omega-3 products in nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as regulatory experience in the same field. She holds an Ms Sc. degree in Molecular biology from the University of Bergen. Former positions include QA Manager at Epax Hovdebygda and Natural ASA.


Marte Frida Grønnevet, Administration and Regulatory Manager, Pharma

Mrs. Grønnevet has almost 10 years’ experience from R&D and production of marine Omega-3 products in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, focusing on regulatory affairs and QC including coordination/reporting of stability study and related documentation. In addition, she also has 15 years of experience from the process industry with focus on production and logistic control of fish oil and fishmeal. Mrs. Grønnevet holds a Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Technology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Former positions include Regulatory Affairs Specialist/QC Engineer at Epax and Aker Biomarine AS.